W M Provided Manufacturer Warranty Information

Manufacturer Warranty Information
A-1 Cardone Blower Motors: 12 Months/18,000 Miles
Cruise Control Units: 12 Months/18,000 Miles
Disc Brake Calipers: Limited Lifetime
Distributors: 12 Months/18,000 Miles
Engine Control Computers: 12 Months/18,000 Miles
GM Prom Chips: 12 Months/18,000 Miles
Half Shafts: Limited Lifetime
New Half Shafts: Limited Lifetime
Hydroboost Units: Limited Lifetime
Hydrovac Units: Limited Lifetime
Mass Air Sensors: 12 Months/18,000 Miles
Master Cylinders: Limited Lifetime
Power Brake Units: Limited Lifetime
Power Steering Pumps: Limited Lifetime
Rack & Pinion: Limited Lifetime
Smog Air Pumps: 12 Months/18,000 Miles
Steering Gears: Limited Lifetime
Vacuum Pumps: 12 Months/18,000 Miles
Water Pumps: 36 Months/36,000 Miles
Window Lift Motors: 12 Months/18,000 Miles
Wiper Motors: 12 Months/18,000 Miles
Note: R&R's carry the same product line warranty policies.
AC Rapid Fire Spark Plugs: 24 Months
AirTex Water Pumps/Fuel Pumps: 12 Months Limited
American Forge Jacks: 12 Months
ARS Radiators: Limited Lifetime
A/C Products: 12 Months/12,000 Miles
ATP Cables/Transmission Parts: 90 Days
Manifold Kits: Limited Lifetime
Timing Covers: Limited Lifetime
Trans Oil Pans: Limited Lifetime
Harmonic Balancers: Limited Lifetime
BBB Alternators/Starters: 12 Months/Unlimited Mileage
Beck Arnley Foreign Car Parts: 90 Days/4,000 Miles
Belden Products Ignition Wires: Limited Lifetime
Borg Warner Carburetor Kits: 90 Days/3,000 Miles
Emission: 90 Days/3,000 Miles
Fuel Injection: 90 Days/3,000 Miles
Ignition: 90 Days/3,000 Miles
Control Modules: 60 Months/50,000 Miles
Brute Power Clutches: 12 Months
Flywheels: 90 Days
Champion Spark Plugs - Copper Plus 24 Months: Unlimited Miles
Spark Plugs - Premium Gold: 36 Months Unlimited Miles
Spark Plugs - Platinum Power: 36 Months Unlimited Miles
Spark Plugs - Double Platinum: 60 Months Unlimited Miles
Wires: 60 Months/50,000 Miles
Clevite Engine Parts - LD: Limited Lifetime
Clevite Engine Parts - HD: 2 years/200,000 Miles or 7,200 Hours
Coleman Battery Cables/Terminals: 12 Months
Comfort Temp A/C & Heater Products: 120 Days
Heater Cores - LD Vehicle: 12 Months/12,000 Miles
Heater Cores - HD Vehicle: 120 Days or 30,000 Miles
Compressors - LD Vehicle: 24 Mo/24,000 limited w/guidelines
Compressors - HD Vehicle: 12 Months/100,000 Miles
All Other Products: 12 Months
Delphi All: 12 Months
Dixie Electrical: 12 Months (must have serialized warranty tag or orig. receipt)
Doan Engine Mounts: 12 Months
Edelman Power Steering Hoses/Kits: 12 Months/12,000 Miles
Commercial: 90 Days/3,000 Miles
Equus Gauges/Test Equipment: 12 Months
Exide Batteries Orbital Automotive/Nascar Select: 36 Months Free Repl./84 Mo Prorated
Auto Saver Dual Term. Auto./75 Series Auto: 18 Months Free Repl./75 Mo Prorated
65 Series Auto: 12 Months Free Repl./65 Mo Prorated
6 Volt Import Auto: 6 Months Free Repl./40 Mo Prorated
Orbital Marine: 24 Months Free Repl./36 Mo Prorated
12 Volt Marine: 12 Months Free Repl./24 Mo Prorated
6 & 12 Volt Coml., Farm, Sweeper, Floor Scrubber: 12 Months Free Repl./24 Mo Prorated
8 Volt Marine/Coml.: 12 Months Free Repl./24 Mo Prorated
12 Volt Group: 31 18 Months Free Repl./24 Mo Prorated
12 Volt Garden Tractor/Wheelchair/Utility: 12 Months Free Replacement
Motorcycle/Sport/ATV: 6 Months Free Replacement
Falcon Chassis Under Car Parts: Limited Lifetime
Fel Pro Gaskets: 12 Months
Gabriel Strong Arms: 24 Months
Gates Rubber Products: Limited Lifetime
Timing Belts: Limited Lifetime
Tensioners: Limited Lifetime
Hydraulics: Limited Lifetime
Hayden Fan Clutches (Thermal): 60 Months/50,000 Miles
Fan Clutches (Non-Thermal): 12 Months/12,000 Miles
Flex Fans: 48 Months/36,000 Miles
Tranmission/Engine Oil Coolers: 60 Months/50,000 Miles
Holley Rmfg. Carburetors: 90 Days
Kats Engine Heaters: 12 Months
KD Tools Serviceable Tools: 12 Months Repair/Replace Mfr. Option
Non-Serviceable Tools: Limited Lifetime
Torque Wrenches: 12 Months Repair/Replace Mfr. Option
Ken Tool Tools: Limited Lifetime
Melling Engine Parts: 12 Months Limited
Mevotech Strut Mounts
Milton Serviceable Tools: Repair/Replace Mfr. Option
All Other Products: 12 Months
Monroe Shocks Sensa Trac: Limited Lifetime
Gas Magnum: Limited Lifetime
Reflex: Limited Lifetime
Max Air: Strut 24 Months
Load Levelers: 24 Months
Steering Dampers: 24 Months
Moog Chassis Parts: Limited Lifetime
New Jersey Brake Pads/Shoes: Limited Lifetime
Perfect Circle Engine Parts: Limited Lifetime
Performance Tools: Limited Lifetime
Plews Tools: 12 Months
Precision U-Joints: Limited Lifetime
Prestolite Wires: Limited Lifetime
PTC Bearings & Seals: 30 Days
Raybestos PG/SS Friction: Limited Warranty
Calibers/Loaded: Limited Warranty
New Master Cylinders: Limited Warranty
RR/RRD/RP Friction: Limited Warranty
All Other Raybestos: Limited Warranty
Raymold Brake Products: Limited Lifetime
Siemens Blower Motors: 12 Months
Solar Battery Chargers: 12 Months w/receipt
Booster Pack: 12 Months w/receipt
Wheel Chargers: Repair/Replace Mfr. Option
Stant Caps/Thermostats: 12 Months
Timken Bearings & Seals: 12 Months
United - Carbs: 90 days
, Fuel Injectors: 1 year
Valley Trailer Hitches, Ball Mounts, Tow Bars: Limited Lifetime
Weight Distributing, Fifth Wheel Hitches: 60 Months Limited
Electrical Products: 90 Days
Walker Advantage Mufflers (only): Limited Lifetime
All Other Products: Fit/Workmanship
Wilmar Hand Tools: Limited Lifetime
Hydraulic Jacks/Equipment: 90 Days Repair/Replace Mfg. Option
Wix Filters: Normal Service Life recommended by equipment mfg.
World Wide Electrical-Light Duty: Limited Lifetime
Electrical-Heavy Duty: 12 Months
Electrical-Diesel: 6 Months
RMFG. Units: 12 Months/12,000 Miles
Zoom: Clutches 90 Days